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Digital Check Introduces New TellerScan TSX40 Check Scanner for International Markets

TellerScan TSX40 check scanner

Dubai, UAE, October 18, 2021 —The TellerScan TSX40 is Digital Check’s latest multi-feed check scanner, manufactured exclusively for the international market. An entirely new platform that combines the best design elements of the TellerScan and SmartSource Elite series scanners, the TSX40 is intended for light and medium-duty check image capture in retail banking and business use.

The new device includes several new features from the “enhanced” SmartSource Elite series models, such as an automatic cleaning mode and ID card capture. As its name implies, the TellerScan TSX40 delivers a maximum rated speed of 40 documents per minute, as well as a 30-item feed capacity, at an affordable price point.

“In our many years of doing business internationally, we sensed the need for a check capture device that includes multi-feed capability, but perhaps not the entire functionality of a production scanner for a busy bank branch,” says Alex Trombetta, Digital Check’s vice president of international sales. “The TSX40 was made to fill the middle ground of delivering performance and quality while fitting within the customer’s budget.”

The TSX40 incorporates certain options tailored specifically to the international market, including an ultraviolet (UV) capable model, as well as a compact form factor to minimize its footprint. It contains the same industry-leading UV capture abilities as its precursors in the TellerScan series, including the TellerScan TS240-UV – the best-selling ultraviolet check scanner in the world.

“Digital Check was the first to introduce a UV-ready check scanner for the mass market, and the TS240-UV is still the most popular device for ultraviolet check capture around the world. The TSX40 is our first model designed from the ground up with UV in mind and builds on our rich history with ultraviolet document security.”

For financial institutions operating virtual branch environments, the TSX40 supports networking utilizing a SecureLink network adapter. The SecureLink appliance provide network connectivity via Ethernet or wireless and connects to the scanner with a USB cable.

Orders for the TellerScan TSX40 are currently being accepted through Digital Check authorized international resellers, including Globalis International and affiliate Alistech LLC in the Middle East and Africa.

The TellerScan TSX40 is not currently available in the United States or Canada.

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