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  • Contact Digital Check for any other document requests.
  • SmartSource Edge and SmartSource Advantage devices were made exclusively by Burroughs, Inc., and discontinued several years before Digital Check began manufacturing SmartSource products. Manuals and drivers are available here for reference, but Digital Check is unable to provide technical support for these models.

Additional Documents

  • TS210E/TS220E Cleaning InformationCleaning Document (246KB; .pdf file; updated May 24, 2006)
  • TS210/TS220 Common Error Codes and AdjustmentsDocument (180KB; .pdf file; updated Feb 15, 2005)
  • TS210E/TS220E/TS215/TS230 Common Error CodesDocument (95KB; .pdf file; updated Mar 26, 2007)


Note: These drivers are no longer supported, and have not been tested with modern computer hardware and operating systems. They are provided as a courtesy to users of our older devices. Digital Check makes no guarantees about their performance.

DCC drivers (for TellerScan TS200, TS300, TS350, TS400ES; .zip file; updated Jul 29, 2005)
SmartSource Advantage installation software
SmartSource Edge installation files – Version 4.1.18 /

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If you are still unable to resolve your issue, please contact Digital Check at or (847) 446-2285.

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