Digital Check scanners and teller equipment

Digital Check CheXpress CX30

Single feed scanners capture images of one item at a time, and though slower than batch feed scanners, they are significantly less expensive. They are primarily used for remote deposit capture by businesses that accept checks and money orders, but don’t handle enough of them to justify a higher speed machine. The CheXpress® CX30 is Digital Check’s award-winning entry into the single feed market.  The SmartSource® Micro Elite is our newest entry into the single feed scanner market.

A single feed scanner is a device dedicated to scanning checks, deposit slips, and similar financial documents; it usually cannot be used for general purpose scanning of photos, full page documents and the like. So, what is the advantage of using one instead of an off the shelf scanner that you can buy at the store?

Even though they are single feed devices, the CheXpress CX30 and SmartSource Micro Elite scanners still scan much faster than most commercially available scanners. A single feed check scanner takes about one to two seconds per item, where an off the shelf device might take 10 seconds or more.

Digital Check SmartSource Micro Elite SEOff the shelf scanners do not have MICR read heads to capture the magnetic ink at the bottom of checks and money orders. Banks often require MICR capability in order to use their remote deposit services.

Dedicated check scanners have metal baseplates and employ motors that are designed to be used many thousands of times and are not as susceptible to wear and tear as light duty office scanners.

Because of these features, a single feed scanner is often the lowest-cost device to meet the requirements for remote deposit capture. (It is worth noting that for extremely low check volumes, mobile deposit may be an option – although many banks impose monthly dollar limits too low for regular business use.) Due to their relatively low cost, single feed scanners are often subsidized by banks or included in the price of a monthly service; ask your own bank for details. For all of the above reasons, the CX30 has been an industry leader and our best-selling model of all time.

Some examples of customers who might use single feed scanners include medical offices, law firms, contractors, artists, and virtually any other type of small business that accepts checks.