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Silver Lake Bank Installs Digital Check’s Electronic Check Scanners with Integrated Bank Technology’s Image Teller Product

NORTHFIELD, Ill. And CEDAR PARK, Texas, October 13, 2007 – Digital Check Corp., a leading provider of electronic check scanners for the distributed check capture industry, announced that Silver Lake Bank, based in Topeka, Kan., recently installed Digital Check’s TellerScan ® check scanners and Integrated Bank Technology’s (IBT) image teller product within its branches. The image teller technology allows Silver Lake Bank employees to transmit customer transactions electronically, eliminating the need for proof processing while providing customers access to their funds in a shorter period of time.

Silver Lake Bank is a community bank with locations throughout northeast Kansas. Prior to this, Silver Lake has provided remote deposit capture services to its customers featuring IBT software and  Digital Check scanners since 2006.  Based on the bank’s success with this application , Silver Lake chose the two companies to implement the teller capture application as well. The bank has installed Digital Check scanners at every teller station in each of its branches.

Using the application and scanners, a teller is able to proof and balance collected items from customers at the time of deposit, allowing for more efficient and accurate processing.  Using teller capture has eliminated the need to physically transport checks, further decreasing courier costs.

“We have seen tremendous improvements to our teller operations, including faster processes and a significant decline in errors at the teller window,” said Brice Feldt, senior vice president of information technology at Silver Lake Bank. “ We’ve found that Digital Check’s scanner and application programming interface produces the highest image quality and also integrates well with IBT’s application software.”

Digital Check’s application programming interface, (API), contains two unique features, BestReadâ Image and BestRead MICR.  BestRead Image technology creates the highest quality images. The Best Read Image technology uses automatic adaptive thresholding and an Image Quality Analysis (IQA) process at the time of scanning to select the best check image from multiple image threshold results. Digital Check’s BestRead MICR utilizes the high quality image to verify the magnetically read MICR line through optical character recognition (OCR).  The net result is fewer exceptions and a lower cost due to fewer corrections and repairs.

“Digital Check and IBT have worked together to assist Silver Lake Bank in improving their workflow and processes, using both remote deposit capture and teller capture applications,” said John Gainer, vice president of Digital Check. “We will continue to invest in our the ongoing enhancement of our products and services to provide the lowest overall total cost of ownership for financial institutions that are using remote deposit capture and branch capture applications with our TellerScan® devices.”


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