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Security First Bank: The Networked Branch of Tomorrow, Today

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Running all your teller stations on a networked thin-client environment can be a great way to streamline branch operations from an IT persepctive – but making the leap is a daunting prospect for many financial institutions. And even if the transition goes smoothly for the workstations themselves, it’s historically been a challenge to get all of the other teller equipment to “play nice.”

In this case study, we take a look at how Security First Bank – a regional FI serving South Dakota and Nebraska – has successfully employed branch networking despite operating in some of the most rural regions in the Lower 48 states. The bank also recently updated its hardware to include network-ready scanning and receipt printing using SecureLink by Digital CheckTM along with the TellerScan TS500 scanner and its accompanying Teller Transaction Printer (TTP).



Security First Bank Network Scanning

Security First Bank: The Networked Branch of Tomorrow, Today
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