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Remote Deposit Capture Scanner – SmartSource® Elite 55

The SmartSource Elite 55 is an affordable high-speed scanner for remote deposit and merchant capture solutions. With a 100-document capacity and a top speed of 55 documents per minute, it’s ideal for higher-volume remote deposit capture customers who may prefer a multi-feed scanner.

The new SmartSource Elite 55 is similar to the previous Merchant Elite scanner, but with a single-line Inkjet endorser. The Elite 55 is also available with Serial Embedded technology, either with or without an inkjet endorser.

New in 2020: All SmartSource Elite series models have been updated with enhanced features including an automatic cleaning mode, “SMART” LED indicator, front-feed ID scan, and true 600 dpi color image sensors. Learn more about all the enhancements here.


All Features

  • Compact design with a small desktop footprint
  • Scans batches up to 100 items at up to 55 documents per minute
  • Front-feed ID card image capture
  • E13B and CMC7 MICR read with auto-detect
  • Optional 1-line inkjet endorser

Ideal for Remote Deposit Capture

The compact footprint doesn’t take up much desk space, but delivers performance for the largest operation, but at an affordable cost for small businesses and merchants.

The hopper holds up to 100 items and the track operates at up to 55 documents per minute. This compact scanner has the capability to scan large or small batches for businesses, with an option for rear endorsement. Businesses can even scan ID cards with this device. The SmartSource Elite 55 is a great option for businesses that receive more than 10-20 checks per day.

The SmartSource Elite 55 is built with Digital Check quality and reliability. You can rest assured that your deposits will be scanned quickly and efficiently with this small workhorse of a scanner.

Automatic cleaning mode

All Elite series models now feature an automatic cleaning mode activated with the “SMART” LED power switch. This special mode holds the cleaning card in place correctly and scrubs the track so that the device is cleaned thoroughly with a minimum of manual intervention. Cleaning mode is standard on all newly purchased Elite series scanners, and can be activated on older models through a firmware update (contact us for details).

Front-feed ID Card Capture in 600 DPI color

New Elite series scanners now accept ID cards from a separate front feed path, rather than a rear-feed slot. The image sensors have been updated to 600 dpi color, enabling accurate capture of security features and microprinting for export to validation programs.

Technical Specifications

Unit Size

  • Height: 6.99" (17.8 cm)
  • Width: 5.39" (13.7 cm)
  • Length: 8.86" (22.5 cm)
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs. (2.1 kg)

Scanner Speed

  • 55 documents per minute

Operating Systems

  • Windows 10 Professional 32/64-bit
  • Windows 8 Professional 32/64-bit

Image Capture

  • Front and rear at up to 600 dpi
  • Up to five (5) combined color, grayscale or bi-tonal images
  • OCR-A, OCR-B, and E13B optical character recognition supported