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We Are Not Discontinuing the TellerScan TS240

TellerScan TS240 check scannerSince we introduced the next-generation TellerScan TS500 check scanner late last year, we’ve occasionally had people ask us whether that means we’re going to stop making the TellerScan TS240. To clarify: At this time, Digital Check has no plans to discontinue the TS240, which remains one of our most popular models and our best-selling multi-feed scanner of all time.

Whenever we retire a product, we issue a formal discontinuation notice with an official End-of-Life date, after which parts and service continue to be available for at least three years. As of now, we have no End-of-Life date for the TS240.

While we believe that the TellerScan TS500 is the best multi-feed scanner on the market today, it was not intended as a 1:1 replacement for the TS240, and no such product currently exists. We anticipate production of the TS240 to carry on for some time, and that customers with existing TS240s can plan on continuing to use them indefinitely. For reference, we still have many customers using the TellerScan TS215, which was introduced in 2005, and have been able to continue offering support for that device even now.

If there is any change in the status of TS240 production or the product roadmap, all of our partners, distributors, and end users will be notified well in advance.


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