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Money Orders Giving You Trouble? We’ve Got the Solution!


Banks are struggling with processing of money orders through remote deposit capture systems. The heavy background combined with light ink make them a headache to capture properly which means that they have to be treated as special items, and means higher processing costs. If that has been your experience, then Digital Check has good news for you.

Digital Check added a special feature to our API v.9.0 which provides automatic special handling for money orders, greatly increasing the ability to process them without special handling. Our API will identify the type of money order being processed and automatically adjust our capture settings to optimize the reading of that particular money order type. The system automatically adjusts the thresholding and intelligently knows where to read the characters for that particular item.

The bottom line is that you have fewer rejected items, fewer exception items to process, and the lowest overall total cost of processing these difficult items. This feature will improve customer experience as well as items are cleared faster and require less customer intervention. For more information fill out our web contact form or call 847-446-2285.


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