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Catch ID Fraud with Digital Check SmartSource® scanners

With our partner’s ParseLink, you can now scan and validate IDs with your existing SmartSource check scanner hardware. technology can detect fake IDs and prevent fraud using AI-powered ID authentication technology, which looks for more than 250 “tells” that indicate an ID may be fraudulent.

Get ready for the future, today.

2027 is just around the corner. The SmartSource Expert Elite is ready for you now, and easily converts to the Network for tomorrow's demands.

Big-Bank Networking Technology at a Local Iowa Credit Union

Linn Area Credit Union is a local institution with six branches in and around Cedar Rapids, Iowa. You might think that complex IT projects would be daunting for a financial institution of that size — but LACU has been operating a virtual branch environment for years with its own in-house team, and recently underwent a major core system overhaul as well. They chose the SmartSource Expert Elite for its versatility and proven network reliability. This is a must-read story for any local banks or credit unions that are weighing whether a move to virtual branch networks and teller stations are the right move for them. Read More >>

ID Card Image Capture

Besides its networking experience, Linn Area CU has also been using ID card image capture at the teller station for quite some time. With the core system update, they also switched to the Expert Elite’s built-in ID scanning function to simplify their workflow. We talk about what was involved in the change, as well as the potential that scanned ID card images hold for future security and Know Your Customer initiatives.

Teller Multi-function Scanners

Expert Elite

Networked Today
A teller scanner that delivers scan speeds of 75 DPM or 150 DPM, a 100-item input hopper, ID Scanning, and network capabilities.

Pro Elite Plus

USB Today, Network Tomorrow
Starts out as a USB-connected scanner, converts to Ethernet-enabled with a firmware update. Same features as the rest of the Elite series.

ReceiptNOW® Elite Receipt Printer

A thermal receipt printer that fits underneath your Elite series scanner, saving valuable counter space. Available in USB-connected or network-ready version with dual Ethernet ports.

Key Features & Benefits

Member Services + Loan Origination

Save space on the desk,
and time with your members.

Features include:

Micro Elite

A compact, affordable single-feed scanner with ID capture, measuring just 7 inches by 4 inches. Well-suited for applications such as account opening or loan origination where a multi-feed device is not required.

Expert Micro Elite

Digital Check’s first single-feed check scanner with built-in network technology. The embedded SecureLink 2.0 API allows browser-based control from any connected PC, touchscreens, or handheld device.

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