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Introducing the New “Waffle” Scanner Cleaning Card

Waffle scanner cleaning cardsOn March 21, we said goodbye to our original “flat” scanner cleaning cards, which have been phased out in favor of a new “waffle” card designed to clean your scanner more thoroughly while staying fresh longer after opening. The waffle cards have replaced the older models on our online store effective immediately. We think you’ll find the new cards much more effective, as the raised surface provides a continuous outward pressure that the old cleaning cards could not because they were flat. This keeps the surface of the card in constant contact with the scanner track and other essential parts. In particular, the waffle cards are able to consistently clean the glass on our image sensor assembly, which often had to be wiped clean separately when the older flat cards were used.

It’s worth mentioning that the waffle cards use a new solvent, called Envanish®, in place of the isopropyl alcohol (IPA) in the flat cleaning cards. This gives them a much longer lifespan before drying: They remain useable for five minutes or more after opening, compared to 90 seconds to two minutes on average before the alcohol-based cards would lose effectiveness due to evaporation. Additionally, moving away to a new solvent is better for both us and you in the long term, as the ever-lengthening list of regulations concerning the handling of isopropyl alcohol was becoming a challenge. If you have a stock of our IPA cards, you can still use them without concern. But more requirements around packaging and handling have caused the price of the flat cards to go up steadily, until this year there was really no reason not to switch to the newer kind.

Before making a change that could potentially impact every one of our customers, we made certain that the new cleaning cards would work with any of our scanner models still within their operational lifetimes. The waffle cards have been certified for the CheXpress CX30, BranchXpress BX7200, and TellerScan TS500, TS240, TS230 and TS215 models.

To place an order for cleaning cards, visit the new Digital Check web store.


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