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The New; Online Store Has Moved

Online store locationIf you’ve visited lately, you probably noticed that some things have changed. Besides a new look and general reorganization, one of the main changes we made was to try to make it easier to order scanners and supplies online. Instead of leaving the main Digital Check website and going to a separate online store, most purchases can now be made with our in-site shopping cart.

Supplies like cleaning cards and Inkjet cartridges can be purchased from our main site under the “Supplies/Accessories” tab. Individual check scanners can be ordered directly from the product overview pages with an on-page “buy” button. You are only taken off-site for the final secure checkout process, or to adjust quantities in your cart.

Among other changes, we’ve also reorganized the support section by product, and added more information about our software products for banks. As with any new site, we expect some things will take some getting used to, but if you have any feedback or suggestions to improve your experience, feel free to send them along using our on-site feedback tool (which is also brand new), or by regular old email. We look forward to hearing from you!


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