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BUICInit FAILED with error code: -125 (E_NO_SCANNER), or ‘BUICInit -125. Is the scanner on and connected?’

Explanation: This error code means that the scanning application cannot find the scanner. This message could be generated by either a bank’s deposit program, or by our own test utility, ScanLite.

Assuming that you’ve already tried the easy fixes like turning the scanner/PC on and off, unplugging and reconnecting the cables, trying different cables, etc. – other possible causes are an issue with the scanner firmware, or that the scanner is already connected to a different application.

In many cases where the user reports that the scanner must be powered off and back on again before each time it is used for scanning, the cause is switching between programs, where one program does not automatically “release” the scanner. For example, this could occur if you have accounts with two different banks that each have their own deposit programs. Or, sometimes this has been known to happen if you have your bank’s software open and are also trying to test your scanner or do maintenance using our ScanLite demo program.

We recommend contacting the Digital Check support team at 847-446-2285 or if you are unable to resolve the issue.


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