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Digital Check Expands Serial Embedded Lineup with New Elite 55 High-Speed Scanner

Digital Check SmartSource Pro Elite SeriesNorthbrook, IL, October 30, 2018 – Digital Check now offers the SmartSource Elite 55 SE, the latest in its Serial Embedded series of check scanners with onboard processing power. The new addition joins the existing Micro Elite SE in the company’s versatile lineup of SE devices.

Serial Embedded, or SE, technology refers to the addition of a small CPU and memory inside a scanner, which can then run its own API independently of the host PC. This means that core functions such as image capture, MICR reading, OCR and barcode reading, image compression and cleanup, are all handled onboard the scanner itself rather than externally on the PC.

The SE option has been growing in popularity as a way of simplifying installations and enabling compatibility across different operating systems. Because they run the essential software processes themselves, Serial Embedded scanners can communicate with a PC using a simplified set of commands requiring minimal programming.

“A constant question with computer peripherals is: ‘Will it be compatible with the host PC operating system,’ or ‘Does the host PC software support it?’ ” said Rick Ooten, Digital Check vice president of product management. “By moving the responsibility of actually operating the scanner to be onboard the device, it’s possible to eliminate many of the usual obstacles that get in the way of running the scanner successfully.”

The Elite 55 SE is based on Digital Check’s popular SmartSource Elite scanner line – but also designed as an affordable multi-feed device for remote deposit capture. In addition to its new onboard processing power, the Elite 55 also adds the option for a single-line inkjet endorser to physically mark checks as they’re captured. The ability to endorse scanned checks has been in high demand since July’s Reg CC updates changed the way liability is assigned in the case of duplicate deposits.

The Elite 55 SE has a rated speed of 55 documents per minute with support for E13B and CMC7 MICR fonts, as well as OCR A, OCR B and 1D barcode reading. It offers an ID card capture function as well.

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