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Digital Check Scanners Ready for Reg CC Restrictive Endorsement Recommendation

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An inkjet endorser is key to meeting the new Reg CC recommendations for remote deposit of checks.

Northbrook, IL, June 28, 2018 – Digital Check announced today that all its major product lines, including the popular CheXpress®, TellerScan®, and SmartSource® check scanners, are optimized for the new Reg CC changes taking effect July 1.

The updates to Reg CC change how liability is assigned in the case of duplicate deposits, and strongly favor requiring a restrictive physical endorsement when a check is accepted through mobile or desktop Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). Under the new rules, when a duplicate deposit occurs, the bank that received the paper check can file a claim against the bank that originally accepted it through RDC if there was no restrictive physical endorsement. If an endorsement is present, the bank of first deposit will not incur liability to any subsequent bank that accepts the same check for deposit.

“While the rule change does not explicitly require that checks be endorsed as a part of RDC, it certainly gives banks a strong incentive to do so,” says Digital Check’s executive vice president , Jeff Hempker. “We believe it’s important that all of our customers and partners know that Digital Check is prepared for the upcoming transition and have options available for fulfilling the endorsement criteria, in virtually every use case and at every price point.”

All Digital Check high-speed scanner models – including the TellerScan TS500 and TS240, as well as the SmartSource Professional, Elite, and Adaptive series – have featured optional one-line or four-line inkjet endorsement since they were first introduced. Among lower-cost scanners designed specifically for RDC, the CheXpress CX30 has offered an inkjet option since inception, and the SmartSource Micro Elite has recently added that same capability.

Many of the company’s newer SmartSource scanner models also feature a Serial Embedded (SE) version with a small processor inside the scanner allowing it to operate independently from a host workstation. This feature has proven beneficial in making scanners compatible with a variety of operating systems and environments, including Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and various virtual desktop environments such as Citrix and VMWare. All SmartSource Elite SE scanners have optional inkjet available.

For more information about inkjet endorsement and how Reg CC may affect your check image capture operations, please contact your Digital Check representative or visit us at


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