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Has your Dental Office checked its bank deposit habits for cavities?

(Originally posted September 11, 2009).

The cost of running checks to the bank for deposit is not cheap. Costs associated with time out of the office, theft, fraud, desk float and manual data entry definitely affect a dental practice’s bottom line.

Adopting remote deposit capture (RDC) into a dental practice to electronically deposit checks eliminates these costs and reduces check-handling concerns. RDC refers to the ability to scan checks and deposit them electronically in a bank account. This process was made legal in 2004 when Congress passed the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check21).

Trips to the bank are no longer needed to deposit valuable checks. Check21 technology, now widely used by financial institutions and small businesses, can be easily implemented in a dental office with little IT assistance to save time and cut costs.


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