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Future-Proof Your Investment

Expert Elite Check Scanner 2
  • Supports both USB and Ethernet connections
  • Switch to network mode with a firmware update
  • Same great features of the
    Pro Elite & Expert Elite
The SmartSource® Pro Elite Plus

Hardware ready for your future plans

Switching to a networked branch environment is a game-changer — but are your teller stations ready to make the change?

Digital Check’s SmartSource Pro Elite Plus contains the built-in network intelligence that you need to operate in a virtual environment, but also runs as a normal USB-connected scanner in the meantime. Update your hardware with the confidence it will work no matter what your next move may be!

Teller - NuPoint and Meridian Systems

Expert Elite

Available for NuPoint only

A teller scanner that delivers scan speeds of 75 DPM or 150 DPM, a 100-item input hopper, ID Scanning, and network capabilities.

Pro Elite Plus

USB Today, Network Tomorrow
Starts out as a USB-connected scanner, converts to Ethernet-enabled with a firmware update. Same features as the rest of the Elite series.

Pro Elite

USB Only

A multi-feed scanner that delivers scan speeds of 75 DPM or 170 DPM, automated cleaning mode, and front-feed ID capture in 600 dpi full color.


One of the only two-pocket check scanners on the market, the Professional has a top rated speed of 200 documents per minute. Its programmable sorting function allows you to separate different items according to predetermined rules that best suit your requirements.

ReceiptNOW® Elite

A thermal receipt printer that fits underneath your Elite series scanner, saving valuable counter space.

Available in USB-connected or network-ready version with dual Ethernet ports.



CheXpress® CX30

Our most popular RDC scanner, with over 1 million units sold worldwide!  Reach speeds up to 30 documents per minute in either straight-through or feed-and-return mode. Available with inkjet, franker, and UV.

SmartSource® Micro Elite

Our most compact single-feed scanner is also one of our most versatile, a great choice for remote deposit capture. Also supports front-feed ID card capture in full color and includes an automated cleaning mode.

SmartSource® Elite 55

A multi-feed scanner based on our popular SmartSource Pro Elite teller capture scanner, with a top speed of 55 documents per minute. Includes optional single-feed endorser.

TellerScan® TS240

Our most popular teller check capture device also makes a great choice for high-volume remote deposit. The TS240 has a top speed of 100 documents per minute, an optional single-line endorser, and remains one of the most affordable and easy-to-use multi-feed scanners.

Coming Soon for RDC!

Easier, Faster: Designing for the future of RDC

“The installation of the check scanner accounts for the leading reason that RDC customers reach out to their support help desks.”

Cash Automation

Avivatech logo.

Digital Check’s software subsidiary is all about cash. We offer a cash automation platform, along with comprehensive monitoring tools that give you a view from the organization level all the way down to individual machines. We also have a vault processing system that lets you handle cash and checks together!


Experts in Cash Automation Solutions

Vault Processing · Transaction Efficiency · Analytics · Integration & Customization · Cash Recyclers

five cash recycler machines in a row.

Take Command of Cash Operations

Stronger Enterprise Performance

The newly released CashWare Advisor® dashboard gives your financial institution near real-time visibility into cash operations—whether if it’s for a single branch or an entire branch network. Key personnel can easily:

  • Monitor activity charts and relevant KPIs
  • View changes in the data when predefined conditions occur
  • Leverage powerful query capabilities to uncover trends for effective branch and enterprise-wide planning

Greater Efficiency in the Branch

The CashWare® cash automation solution intuitively integrates into the teller workflow to make every cash transaction quick, secure and accurate. The solution:

  • Works with most cash recyclers and dispensers and core banking or teller systems
  • Streamlines cash management with tools and controls that enforce cash handling requirements
  • Offers robust reporting capabilities to keep management attune to cash levels and device performance

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