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Virtual Branch Environments at a Local Credit Union

Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based Linn Area Credit Union had only six branches when it took on the task of converting to an all-networked virtual branch environment — at the same time as a core systems switch to Corelation. Learn how they finished the project on time and under budget, with an assist on the hardware side from Digital Check’s network-ready SmartSource Expert Elite check scanners.

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Introducing the higher top speed

SmartSource Elite

Now at 170 documents per minute – no extra cost!

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We’ve given the SmartSource Elite series a speed boost at the top end, with the fastest models in the Pro Elite and Pro Elite Plus families now checking in at 170 documents per minute instead of the previous 155.
The upgrade is standard on all new units and does not affect the price. (Applies to Pro Elite Plus only in USB mode; lower-speed models in each family retain the same speed.)

Now With Front-Feed ID Capture!

  • Full-color front and back capture at 600 dpi
  • Straight-through feed and return
  • Automatically archive customer IDs and recall on future transactions
  • New account opening auto-fill wizard
  • Available with USB or Ethernet deployments
  • Also includes automated cleaning function
  • Uses ink cartridge: MS0083 (Digital Check single-line inkjet cartridge)

Check & ID Capture

SmartSource Pro Elite:
USB Only

SmartSource Elite series check scannerUSB only — Available in speeds of 75 and 170 documents per minute, with a 4-line rear inkjet endorser.
All Elite series scanners feature our automated cleaning mode, and front-feed ID capture in 600 dpi full color.
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SmartSource Expert Elite:
Ethernet Only

SmartSource Elite series check scannerEthernet only — All the great features of the SmartSource Elite series, with built-in network intelligence!
An onboard processor contains an embedded network API and handles key image processing functions to make the Expert Elite operate smoothly in virtual environments.
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SmartSource Pro Elite Plus:
USB Today, Ethernet Later

SmartSource Elite series check scannerUSB today, Ethernet later — A convertible USB-to-Ethernet scanner that has the same functionality as the Pro Elite by default, but can be converted to a network-ready Expert Elite with a firmware update.
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TellerScan TS500:
High-Speed Teller Capture

TellerScan TS500 - teller capture scannerThe premier model in our TellerScan line offers speeds up to 200 documents per minute, with options including a rear endorser, 600 dpi ID card capture, and a self-aligning document feeder. Our original scanner with LED status indicator and automated cleaning mode that makes maintenance easy!
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TellerScan TS240

TellerScan TS240 teller capture scannerOur most popular teller check capture device ever, with hundreds of thousands sold. The TS240’s reliable design has been in use for more than a decade, and offers industry-standard performance in 50, 75, or 100 dpm at an affordable price. Available with optional single-line endorser and UV capture.

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SmartSource Elite 55

SmartSource Elite series check scannerAn affordable multi-feed scanner for the retail market, designed for businesses with medium to high volumes of checks for deposit.
Available in 55 dpm speed only, with optional single-line rear endorser.
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CheXpress CX30

CheXpress CX30 remote deposit scannerOur most popular RDC scanner, with nearly 1 million units sold worldwide!
Reach speeds up to 30 documents per minute in either straight-through or feed-and-return mode.
Available with inkjet, franker, and UV.
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SmartSource Micro Elite

SmartSource Micro Elite check scannerThe most compact check scanner on the market, measuring just 7 inches by 4 inches — about the size of a large smartphone. Feeds up to 45 documents per minute, or as fast as you can insert them! Comes with automated cleaning mode and full-color ID card scan path.
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Specialty Scanners & Peripherals

SmartSource Adaptive

SmartSource Adaptive full-page check scannerA multi-feed scanner that captures mixed batches of checks and full-page documents together!
Perfect for clients that have invoices, remittances, or other documents that need to be captured and sorted along with payments.
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SmartSource Micro Adaptive

SmartSource Micro Adaptive - compact full-page check scannerA single-feed version of the SmartSource Adaptive that brings full-page image capture to a compact device. Based on the small frame of the SmartSource Micro Elite, it can capture documetns up to 8.5″x11″, as well as ID cards in 600 dpi color.
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Quantum DS

Quantum DS reader sorter

A high-speed tabletop check transport purpose-built as a replacement for full-sized reader/sorter machines that have reached the end of their service lifetimes.
The Quantum DS has 12 sorting pockets with a capacity of 300 items each; boasts a top speed of 200 documents per minute; and remains in current production, sharing many components in common with mass production scanner models.
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Cash Automation Solutions (Avivatech)

CashWare: Cash Automation

CashWare logoThe backbone of our cash automation platform, CashWare provides near-universal support for all major makes and models of cash recyclers, with any core banking system. Our decades of expertise from within the retail banking business have contributed to making CashWare the most efficient, full-featured, and easy-to-use way to run your recyclers and dispensers — so much that it’s often used to replace the interface from the devices’ manufacturers! Just a few of the strengths we bring to the table include:

  • Integrate any model of cash recycler with any core banking system
  • Automated transaction management and balancing tools
  • Customization to work with your bank’s specific teller software and work environment
  • Additional modules for reporting, monitoring, and more!

More Info     PDF Cash Automation White Paper

CashWare Advisor: Monitoring

CashWare Advisor logoCashWare Advisor is an organization-wide reporting and monitoring system that gives you full visibility into your cash operations.
This modular addition to CashWare exchanges data with the core program in real time to give you an up-to-the-minute picture of your organization, and is a highly recommended extension of the base software package.

  • Access to data on any level from whole-enterprise to individual devices
  • Insight into cash positions, utilization, branch trends, and more
  • Device status and health monitoring, and help desk ticket support

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CashWare Connect: Integration

CashWare Connect logoMakes it easy to integrate the CashWare software Suite with whatever environment and hardware you have in mind. Depending on your needs, each installation can be optimized for tight or soft integration, and for all levels of technical detail and know-how. All options are on the table!
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