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Bancomer Surpasses 2,500 Units of Digital Check’s Electronic Check Scanners for Remote Deposit Capture


Digital Check Corp. announced that Mexico City-based Bancomer has successfully deployed more than 2,500 remote deposit capture solutions using Digital Check’s TellerScan devices to corporate and mid-size business customers.

“The remote deposit capture solution allows our customers to process check transactions electronically, eliminating lengthy trips to the branch, streamlining their workflow, reducing costs dramatically, and giving customers quicker access to their deposits,” said Rene Nosti, director of Enterprise & Government banking at Bancomer. “The check scanners developed by Digital Check ensure that customers’ deposit operations run smoothly. During 2007 we received more than 2.6 million deposits, valuing more than 75 billion Mexican pesos (equivalent to 7 billion, U.S. dollars).”

Bancomer first began to offer the remote deposit capture solution to corporate and mid-size business customers in 2005, since Mexico adopted check truncation during 2003, a year prior to the United States adoption of Check21 legislation. Bancomer is the leading banking institution in Mexico in terms of assets, deposits, loans and number of branches. Financial institutions have been clearing checks electronically since 1998, and in 2003 adopted full truncation of checks at the point of presentment. For more information fill out our web contact form.


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