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Adjusting the Paper Size on Your ReceiptNOW Thermal Printer – Support Tips

ReceiptNOW paper size adjustment wheel
ABOVE: The location of the adjustment wheel on the inside of the ReceiptNOW paper tray. Note that the guides are too close together to accommodate a 3.125″ roll at minimum width. BELOW: Comparison of the minimum and maximum paper size the ReceiptNOW printer will accept.

Did you know? The ReceiptNOW printer has adjustable guides that let it accommodate rolls of thermal paper anywhere from 2.25” (57mm) to 3.25” (83mm) wide. It’s not a commonly used feature, because most customers generally stick with the same paper size; but it is available if you need it.

To change the paper width, simply pop open the front tray as if you were swapping out an old roll with a fresh one, and use the wheel on the right-hand rail to move the plastic guides inward or outward. It is ok to give the guides a gentle nudge with your finger if they appear to be sticking or moving unevenly. Once you’ve got them matching the width of your paper, insert the roll, close the tray, and that’s it!

Remember that the guides shouldn’t be pressing against the sides of the roll tightly, as this can prevent the paper from feeding. They simply need to stop the roll from moving around side-to-side, so getting them within a millimeter or two is sufficient. You should be able to easily insert and remove the roll without using any pressure, otherwise they’re too close!

All ReceiptNOW printers are set at the maximum width by default, which accommodates the 3.125” rolls of thermal paper sold in our online store. The only reason you’d adjust it would be if you have paper of a different width sourced from a third-party supplier.

Thermal printer paper size comparisonKeep in mind, that if you use a different-sized paper roll, you’ll have to make sure the printable area of your receipt design is adjusted to match!


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