CheXpress CX30

The CheXpress® CX30 was the first check scanner designed specifically for business and consumer remote deposit capture, offering high speed and accurate MICR reading at an affordable price. With over 100,000 scanners deployed worldwide, it has remained our most popular and reliable model for remote deposit and check truncation since its introduction in 2007.

Built with solid metal base plate construction and designed to handle over a million items, the CX30 doesn't cut corners on quality. This check scanner also performs when it comes to image quality and MICR, delivering among the highest read rates in the industry. Quick, quiet, and reliable are the words that best describe the CX30.

CheXpress provides the high quality image capture capabilities required for remote deposit capture, while adding a number of usability and energy efficient enhancements for support of small business banking customers. CheXpress CX30 is uniquely suited for the current demands of the small business, merchant POS, or low volume teller. It is compatible with all modern versions of Windows and certain Linux distributions.

Learn More – Special Document Handling for Difficult Items

The CheXpress CX30 supports Digital Check's Special Document Handling feature, which makes your check equipment "smart" enough to read documents with dark backgrounds, multiple colors, and other marks that can cause errors in other scanners. Click the link above to learn more.

CheXpress CX30 Features

  • Bank Quality with Metal Baseplate for Long Term Operation
  • Low Cost for Small Business
  • Fast and Quiet Scanning
  • Low Cost for Small Business
  • Compatible with FFIEC Guidance
  • Intuitive to Use with Single Point of Paper Entry/Exit
  • Dual Adaptive MICR Read for Increased Accuracy
  • Multiple Image Capture Ensures Highest Quality Image
  • Print Before and/or After Image Capture
  • Optional Franker for Fraud Deterrence
  • Low Power Consumption/Sleep Mode When Not in Use
  • Uses DCC API with Special Document Handling
  • Built in the USA

Also, check out our video showing how to set-up and operate the CX30.

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CheXpress CX30

Information and resources:

CheXpress CX30 Brochure 

CheXpress CX30 Training Videos

CX30 User Manual

Drivers and Downloads

Unit Size:
Height: 7.47" (18.97 cm)
Depth 3.92" (9.96 cm)
Length: 9.38" (23.83 cm)
Weight 3.95 lbs. (1.8 kg)

Scan and Return Mode: Up to 15 documents per minute
Pass Through Mode: Up to 30 documents per minute

Software Tools:
API Toolkit

Required Operating System:

Windows® XP, Windows Vista® (32 / 64 bit),
Windows 7® (32 / 64 bit), Windows 8® (32 / 64 bit)
Mac OS X® (10.6 or newer)
Ubuntu® 7.05, Red Hat AS - Version 5, OpenSuse