Digital Check scanners and teller equipment

Welcome to the New Digital Check Web Store!

Here's a look at what's changed

We have made a few changes to improve your online shopping experience!

Most of it works just the way you would expect from any web store, but some things have moved around, and there are a few new options that were not there before, such as Saved Carts, Multiple Users, and a quick tool to apply for Tax-Exempt Status.

Keep reading to learn what is different, or use the links at right to jump to a specific topic:

First, The Basics

Your old account still works

Just sign in with your existing user ID and password. All your previous information will still be there – shipping information, billing information, order history, all of it.

Service/Repair Requests are activated from the Account Overview page.

This is similar to how it was done before. You can open a new request or access past cases from the menu on the left-hand side of this page.

The new Account Overview menu acts as a shortcut to almost anything.

If you need to do anything besides browse the product catalog, there is a good chance you can find it under Account Overview. This includes standard functions like changing passwords or updating credit card information, as well as order history and status, returns, and customer support.

To bring up the menu, mouse over “My Account” in the top navigation bar from anywhere on the site.

You can either click “My Account Overview” to bring up the full menu on its own page or use the links to access a single function quickly.

My account side menu
web page dropdown menu with My Account circled.

Account Management

Multiple Users and Roles

We have added the ability to have multiple users under one account, with varying levels of access to web store and service portal features. Customers who have several locations, or who are part of larger organizations, may find it easier to control access to ordering and submitting service tickets this way. Each user signs in with their own email address and password but is part of your company’s overall account.

There are five basic permission roles in the web store:

Administrator: Has access to all shopping, ordering, and service/repair functions, as well as the ability to add and remove other users, or change their roles. Can add or modify shipping addresses and payment information. When you register as a new web store customer for the first time, it creates an account with one user, who has administrator privileges. No “role” will appear for this initial user. If you are the only one who is going to be using the account, you do not need to do anything else — just use it as-is, and don’t worry about adding any other users.

Approver: Access to all shopping and ordering functions, including placing orders from saved carts created by others. Can add or edit shipping addresses and payment information. Does not have admin user management functions.

Proposal: Can browse items in the store and add them to a saved cart but cannot place the order. This role is useful, for example, if all purchases need to be approved by a higher-level decision-maker or an accounts payable department.

View: Can browse items for purchase in the store but can’t add them to a cart or place orders. Can view reports such as transaction history.

Service User: An additional role that can be added on to any of the other four roles. Service users, as the name implies, can submit RMA/warranty and factory repair requests, and view the status of those requests, as well as service history. Administrators have access to the Service User functions by default.

To add another user to your organization’s account, go to My Account > Settings > User Management. This will bring up the User Management console as shown below.

From there, you can use the “Actions” tab to add or remove users, or the Edit icon to change their roles and permissions.

* To grant access to the Service Portal, tick the “Service User Access” box above the User Role field.

user management menusidebar menu
User management console

New Shopping Cart Features

Saved Carts

Instead of just a single main shopping cart, you can also save shopping lists to order at a later time. It is the same idea as a Wishlist feature, except you can create as many different Saved Carts as you like and name them anything you want. The “Add to Saved Cart” button is right below the regular Add to Cart button on the item detail page, as shown at right. A menu will pop up showing all the Saved Carts you can add the item to, as well as giving the option to create a new one.

You can find a list of all your Saved Carts on the Account Overview menu, or by clicking “All My Saved Carts List” from the quick links in the My Account mouseover menu. From there, you can move the entire contents of a Saved Cart to the main shopping cart at once, or you can click on the name of a Saved Cart to enter it and edit or purchase items individually.

Besides using this tool to plan future orders, it is also useful for customers who need to divide orders among several locations and shipping addresses. It can also be used to enable multiple individual users to submit orders that are held until an account administrator from your company approves them – contact us for details about this process.

Add to saved cart
Saved Carts list

Save for Later

Just as you can save carts, you can save an item for later purchase by saving it into a cart. The button shown to the right is a quick way to add an item to a cart to save for later purchase.

This works much like other ecommerce sites you have used are used to making it very convenient and intuitive to purchase the right scanner or item even when you are not ready to make the purchase when browsing. 

Add to saved cart

Reorder Items

Easily reorder items you’ve used in the past with this new feature.

From the Account Overview menu, click on “Reorder Items,” and you will see a list of past purchases. From there, you can sort by price, name, or date and frequency of purchase.

You can reorder items from as far back as 180 days.

Reorder items menu.

For Tax-Exempt Customers

Apply for Tax-Exempt Status as Part of Checkout

If you are a charity, government agency, or other tax-exempt organization, you can now upload a PDF copy of your tax documentation directly during the checkout process, rather than contacting us separately. The option to upload tax-exempt documents appears in the third step of the checkout process. Assuming everything is in order, we will automatically refund the sales tax, and you won’t be charged sales tax on subsequent visits. This was one of our most-requested new features!

If you are not tax-exempt, simply click the “Skip” button when this screen appears in the checkout process.

Once you have successfully applied for tax-exempt status, your status will remain on file in the future, and you won’t need to do it again.

*If you were already tax-exempt in the old web store, your status carries over and you will not need to do anything. If you see that tax is being added to your orders by mistake, you can use this tool to re-upload any necessary documents.

Tax Exempt Documents - checkout

New Checkout Features

Address Validation

Digital Check is now utilizing a feature that will suggest address locations as you enter in your information. This saves you time and properly formats and verifies the address as you enter in your information.

If you enter an address that we cannot ship to, or something that doesn’t match a known valid address in the U.S., you will see an alert that asks if you want to continue. You can still override it and place the order anyway if you know it is correct.

This will help significantly reduce the number of mistakes or problems that leave customers waiting until we can contact them and reduce errors that could have your order going to an incorrect address.

For instance, certain shipping methods are not available to Alaska and Hawaii; and our system will now prevent you from entering Post Office boxes, international locations, overseas military bases and territories, and other addresses to which we cannot deliver.

Address validation 123 fake street

Partial Shipments

Checking the “Partial Shipment Authorization” box at checkout will ensure that if there is not sufficient inventory to fill part of your order, you will receive the rest of it on time. We will send you what’s available now, and the rest will be sent to you when it is back in stock.

Keep in mind, this WILL result in a second shipping charge for the remaining portion of the order.

IMPORTANT! — By default, partial shipments use the same shipping method selected when the order is placed. For example, if you select overnight shipping on your initial order, the second half of your order will also ship overnight once it is in stock (and you will be charged for overnight delivery).

When in doubt, Contact Us to find out if there is sufficient inventory to fulfill your entire order.

Partial shipment

Simplified Product Info and Search

Select Product Options On-Page

For items that come in several different models or configurations, you can now select the product options right on the page. The price and part number will update automatically.

This is a major improvement over our previous web store, where each model of the same scanner was listed as a separate item with its own page. There is a lot less scrolling through lists to find your item, and you don’t need read the titles quite so carefully to make sure you have the right one!

If you know the specific model or part number of the item you are looking for, our search feature will still take you to the right overall item page.

Matrix item example

Compatible Items

If you know the name or item number of your device, a list of compatible items will appear on the product page. This is useful if you need to know the right ink cartridge, power supply, or other parts that will fit your scanner.

Supplies and parts are also sortable by compatibility — for instance, doing a search for “CX30” will also bring up the supplies and parts that are compatible with the CheXpress CX30 scanner.

Compatible items screen example.