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Ultraviolet Cheque Security: Free White Paper Download

Ultraviolet (UV) ink has been used as a document security tool for a long time, but only recently have UV cameras become small enough and inexpensive enough to put in a cheque scanner. The use of machine-readable UV opens up a whole new realm of possibilities in cheque security — along with new challenges in using them effectively.

Digital Check interviewed several industry experts on a broad variety of topics, ranging from ink manufacturing to cheque printing to anti-fraud software, to bring you a primer on how to use this exciting new technology and where it may be headed. Topics covered include:

  • The current state of ultraviolet cheque security
  • Popular types of UV security features
  • Impact on fraud
  • Best practices for implementation

This paper is intended to provide a general understanding of UV cheque security to bankers and regulators alike, in order to make the transition to an automated UV system practical and smooth.

Digital Check is leading the way in UV imaging, with our high-speed TellerScan TS240-UV scanner representing the largest installed base of UV-capable cheque scanners in the world as of February 2013. To find out where our UV scanners are available in your part of the world, contact us online or visit our international resource center to locate a distributor near you.

UV Cheque Security whitepaper cover
Understanding Ultraviolet Cheque Security(6MB / )


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