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TellerScan TS500 Scanner Certified for Acuant ID Verification Platform

Software will validate, auto-populate information from scanned ID cards

Digital Check Tellerscan TS500Northbrook, IL, May 1, 2018 – Digital Check’s TellerScan TS500 check scanner has been certified by Acuant Corp. for both its AssureID Document Authentication and ID Verification software and its AcuFill Intelligent Data Capture & Auto-Fill Software. Banks or businesses using these systems will be able to confirm the validity of driver’s licenses and ID cards scanned with the TS500, as well as save time by automatically populating an application with the data from that same ID.

The certification represents an important milestone for the TS500, which is the first model in the TellerScan series to include built-in ID card scanning. Using the TS500 to scan IDs, customer identification can be processed for several anti-fraud, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements using the image alone. The ID, as well as the age and address, are not only verified as being valid, but are also checked and screened against a comprehensive database of government watch lists.

“The ever-increasing amount of regulation surrounding customer accounts – and harsh penalties for missing suspicious activity – give banks tremendous incentive to validate customer information every step of the way,” says Rick Ooten, Digital Check’s vice president of product management. “Our certification with a leading anti-fraud tool like Acuant means that TellerScan customers will have a way to do that quickly and accurately, and without needing to purchase a separate ID card scanner.”

Acuant is trusted around the world to help organizations improve and protect their business operations. Its solutions streamline workflows and protect against identity theft and fraud. Acuant’s patented AssureID technology extracts biometric and alphanumeric data contained in an identity document to authenticate it by applying more than 50 forensic document-specific tests in seconds. Acuant has the industry’s largest document library, supporting over 196 countries.

“Increasing competition and changing regulations in financial services has highlighted the need for more efficient and more customer-friendly processes when it comes to identity proofing,” said Yossi Zekri, CEO of Acuant Corp. “The TS500 and Acuant’s award-winning software will allow institutions to be compliant and prevent fraud, while improving their customer experience.”

While scanned check images require only 200 dots per inch (dpi) resolution to be legally compliant for check image exchange, the TellerScan TS500 is designed with 600 dpi full-color cameras to accommodate a variety of applications beyond simple check capture. That feature meets and exceeds the requirements for both Acuant’s AssureID validation engine and its AcuFill character recognition components.

Introduced in 2016, the TellerScan TS500 was the first desktop check scanner to feature an automatic self-cleaning system, eliminating one of the most frequent causes of maintenance-related repairs. It also boasts a top speed of 200 documents per minute, optional document self-alignment feature, magstripe card reader, and a modular thermal receipt printer that can be stacked under the scanner to save counter space.

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