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Digital Check Corp. Introduces New-Generation TellerScan® TS250 High-Speed Check Scanner

TellerScan TS250 and CheXpress 35 check scanners head to head.

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Northbrook, IL, October 16, 2023 – The TellerScan TS250 is Digital Check Corp.’s latest high-speed check scanner for the banking industry, designed for high-volume remote deposit capture or everyday use at the teller window. The new model carries on the legacy of the top selling TellerScan TS240 while adding the best features of our popular SmartSource® Elite series of scanners, delivering the best of both brands.

The TellerScan TS250 features a new SimpleSwitch Connectivity that uses a button-press sequence to switch between USB operation with the Digital Check API and network operation with SecureLink by Digital Check® API, and also supports SmartPVA on select models.  In this way, all of our main APIs can be utilized to support the TS250.

All versions of the TellerScan TS250 include support for network environments using RNDIS, or “Ethernet over USB” technology. When used in RNDIS mode, the scanner has a zero-footprint installation profile on the host PC and is capable of running with nearly any operating system, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and virtual environments. The same capability is also available on select models of the new CheXpress® CX35 that was also announced today.

“In updating our TellerScan line, we prioritized the concept of Converging Intelligence – taking the best and most-used features from across our entire product family,” says Jeff Hempker, Digital Check’s president. “This single platform is easily accessible to all users of TellerScan and SmartSource products, is compatible with all the most popular operating systems, and offers as close to a plug-and-play setup as possible.”

The external appearance of the TellerScan TS250 is similar to that of Digital Check’s SmartSource Elite series scanners, and it shares many mechanical components in common with that product line. The TS250 also includes as standard all the advanced features of the current-generation Elite series models, including automatic cleaning mode, 600 dpi color front-feed ID card capture, and the Smart LED indicator switch.

The TellerScan TS250 is available in models with rated speeds of 55, 75, and 120 documents per minute. It includes an optional rear single-line inkjet endorser, and future models will include front UV image capture for international markets.

When in network mode, the TS250 uses Digital Check’s newly revamped SecureLink 2.0 API, which has been updated to include automatic image rotation, improved double-feed detection, and the Special Document Handling feature that performs image cleanup on difficult-to-scan documents. The top speed maintains the 120 documents per minute throughput in RNDIS mode.

The TS250 can be used in parallel or in combination with existing TellerScan models.  At this time, the TellerScan TS240 remains in production and fully supported.

About Digital Check Corp.

Digital Check Corp. is the leading worldwide provider of check scanners and peripherals for the banking industry. Our TellerScan®, CheXpress®, and SmartSource® lines of scanners provide the industry’s most reliable performance with superior MICR and image quality. Through Avivatech LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary, we provide software that delivers cash automation efficiency, image enhancement, and deposit-processing technologies that help clients reduce costs and improve their cash and check workflows. Our microfilm divisions, ST Imaging and nextScan, provide state-of-the-art digital microfilm reading and conversion technology. Learn more at


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