Service and Warranty Information for Digital Check Scanners

All of the Digital Check® scanners have the option of extended warranties beyond the original one (1) year standard warranty that comes with each product. Complete factory level service for our scanners is available through our manufacturing facility in California. To send a scanner in for repair, you will need to obtain a return material authorization number (RMA). Digital Check has developed an online Client Area on our web site, which will allow you to fill out RMA requests for servicing or returning units to Digital Check.

The site can be accessed at You will be required to register a secure online account with Digital Check. Please follow a few simple steps to create this online account by clicking on the “Not yet registered?” link. After you complete the registration process and receive notice that your account has been processed, you will have access to create RMA requests online at any time. Simply login and find your information pre-populated on the form requiring you to fill in the information about the specific device being returned.

Limited Warranty for Digital Check and SmartSource Scanners

Limited Warranty for TTP and ReceiptNOW Printers


Advanced Unit Replacement (AUR) Program
(Qualified scanners include CX30, TS240, TS500, BX7200, and SmartSource models located in the United States)
Digital Check customers that purchase the Advanced Unit Replacement (AUR) service with a qualifying Digital Check scanner will receive next business day replacement coverage in the event of a scanner failure resulting from defects in material and workmanship. Available in terms of up to three (3) years, the AUR program covers next day shipping of a replacement scanner to the end user customer. Return shipping of the malfunctioning scanner is also included. The AUR service coverage must be purchased at the time of scanner purchase or within 30 days of the scanner purchase date.

Please contact your Digital Check Reseller or email our Sales Department for more details and information on how to enroll in the AUR Warranty program.

Advanced Unit Replacement (AUR) Program


Post Warranty Service Programs

Digital Check offers several service programs for scanners no longer covered by a warranty or replacement program. These service offerings are designed to provide customers with a choice based upon the urgency of returning the scanner to the field. Model specific pricing is available from your Digital Check Reseller or directly from Digital Check. All repairs come with a 90 day parts and labor warranty.

Post Warranty Depot is a service program designed to provide factory repair service for those customers requiring asset tag tracking or who prefer to retain their existing scanner. This service is available for all scanners that are no longer covered by a warranty. Post Warranty Depot is a flat rate per incident repair program with a typical 7-10 business day repair time after receipt. Customer is responsible for shipping to the factory and all scanners are returned via standard ground shipment. Expedited shipment is available for an added charge. Post Warranty Depot is available for current production scanner models only.

Post Warranty Exchange is a service program designed to provide a replacement scanner the next business day in exchange for the broken scanner. This program is designed for organizations that cannot wait for their original unit to be repaired and returned to them. Post Warranty Exchange is a flat rate repair program using overnight shipping of the replacement scanner and standard return ground shipping for the non-functioning scanner. Post Warranty Exchange is available for current production scanner models only.

Post Warranty Service Programs for all Scanner Models




If you are still unable to resolve your issue, please contact Digital Check at or (847) 446-2285.