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Reminder: SmartSource Online Store is Moving in March


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Bulletin #2017-001

February 21, 2017


SmartSource Online Store is Moving in March

As part of Digital Check’s acquisition of the SmartSource line of scanners and equipment from Burroughs Inc., all SmartSource products will soon be moving from the online store to

After the transition date, you will no longer be able to order SmartSource scanners, parts and supplies from

Read on to learn more about the upcoming changes:

Burroughs store

When will the change take place?

We are in the process of testing our new online store functionality, and expect the full catalog to be moved to by February 28, 2017. At this point, SmartSource products will be removed from, and customers automatically redirected to the Digital Check site.

Most common SmartSource supplies, such as Inkjet cartridges and cleaning cards, can already be ordered from the Digital Check online store.

Will I need to create a new account?

If you are a customer who pays by credit card, you will need to create a new account at the Digital Check online store before placing an order. You are free to create an account at any time; it will still be valid after the changeover.

If you are a bank, reseller, or other high-volume customer with special terms, feel free to contact your Digital Check account representative prior to the change with any questions.

Is the ordering process different?

The process will generally work the same as before. One difference is that scanners will be ordered in pre-set configurations, rather than customizing each order as you go, as was done in the past.

Are prices staying the same?

All products will carry over the same prices from the Burroughs web store. While the prices of some models may have increased or decreased since the start of the year, this is unrelated to the website.

Stay tuned!

We will provide you with additional updates as the transition project moves closer to completion.



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