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Silver Bullet Certifies Unique CheXpress® CX30 Features – Dual MICR, Gel Pen & Money Order Implementation & More

CheXpress® CX30

Digital Check announced that Pensacola, Fla.-based Silver Bullet Technology has now certified the latest unique features of CheXpress® CX30, with its Ranger® API software solution.


After first certifying CheXpress in November 2008, Silver Bullet now has added the following new CX30 features in its Ranger API software:

”¢ Dual MICR reading with dynamic MICR adjustment to yield
  potentially the highest read rates in the industry as well
  as reading laser printed checks.
”¢ Special handling and thresholding for problem documents such
  as money ordersand gel pens through simultaneous grayscale
  and full color capture.
”¢ Image rotation for optimized throughput and user experience.

“We are very excited that Silver Bullet now supports all the unique capabilities of the CheXpress scanner,” said John Gainer, executive vice president for Digital Check. “While the CheXpress CX30 is aggressively priced, we did not cut corners to insure CX30’s superior performance, reliability, and virtually foolproof operation by small business users. We also maintained the special imaging and risk management features, including a rear ink-jet printer that adds an audit trail to the physical check uniquely identifying each check with a date and transaction number or other user defined information.”


“The CX30 is truly a remarkable device. It has the ability to read MICR, scan images and print on items moving both forward and backward,” said Bryan Clark, CEO of Silver Bullet. “It looks like the Digital Check engineers have raised the bar again. The CX30’s dynamic image and MICR quality enhancements are state-of-the art.”  For more information fill out our web contact form.


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