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An Auto-Cleaning Scanner with ID Card Capture?

Introducing the New SmartSource ® Elite Series

Digital Check SmartSource Pro Elite Series

What’s New With The SmartSource Elite Series?

We have updated our popular SmartSource Elite series scanners to be better than ever! When Digital Check acquired the SmartSource line of products back in 2016, we promised to bring you the best of both product lines, and that is exactly what we have delivered today. The new Elite series contains some of the most popular features from our other models such as the TellerScan TS500, as well as brand-new component upgrades to make it the most modern teller capture scanner you can buy. Best of all, it costs the same as the existing model!

Read on to learn more about the new features and benefits or see the official product announcement here.

Front ID Card Capture

It is now easier than ever to use your SmartSource Elite series device to scan driver’s licenses and ID cards at the teller window. We have moved the ID card capture slot to the front of the scanner for easier access, and updated components to give you a clearer image. The Elite series is ready for the coming Real ID-compliant licenses – see more below.

Auto-Cleaning Mode

Up to 90 percent of the residue buildup on a check scanner gets on the front intake rollers – and most of the rest gets on the image sensor! Dirty rollers are the leading cause of misfeeds, paper jams, and double feeds, while dirt on the image sensor glass leads to streaks and black marks on images.

Our automatic cleaning mode uses physical pressure to hold a cleaning card against the intake rollers, then “scrubs” the rest of the components mechanically. The result is reduced operator error and noticeably more effective cleaning. Check out the video at left to see it for yourself!

Early Warning Indicator

What is the only thing worse than not cleaning your scanner properly? Forgetting to clean it entirely!

As many as half of all front-line operators clean their scanners rarely or never – and most of our preventable help desk calls and repair cases stem from this. A simple indicator light makes sure your branch employees do not forget about maintenance, and greatly reduces unnecessary support calls.

scanner warning light
Self cleaning scanner

600 dpi Image Sensor

Real ID licenses and ID cards are here, and the Elite series is up to the task. Its 600-dpi front and rear color image sensors far exceed the requirement for check image capture and allow high enough resolution to read security features like microprinting, 2D barcodes, and more.

Backward Compatible at the Same Price

Best of all, the new SmartSource Elite is the same price as the old model! It is also backward compatible with existing devices, so if you already have some installed, you won’t need to change anything. (Using the new features may require an API update.)

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