Digital Check scanners and teller equipment

The Top 10 Reasons to Choose Digital Check

Scanners Built to Last – Lowest Cost of Ownership

When you buy a Digital Check scanner, we want you to be sure you can concentrate on doing your job without worrying whether we did ours. We stake our reputation on building the most dependable scanners that you can buy. That’s part of the total commitment to quality that we call the Digital Check Difference.

Our extensive quality control process begins before the first screw is turned on the assembly line – all the way at our suppliers overseas, who we visit personally on a regular basis in order to ensure only the best components go into the devices we sell you. Our “Cell Assembly” process means that each device is built from start to finish by the same person, who has individual control (and responsibility) over the result. Every scanner is 100 percent tested by two separate Quality Assurance teams before it goes out the door, and our engineering team meets regularly to go over the causes of return and repair requests to our Service department.

The result is an extraordinarily low out-of-box failure rate, at a fraction of one percent, and reliable equipment that lasts for years. The vast majority of our scanners go their entire service lives without needing anything more than routine maintenance, such as cleaning and occasionally replacing the snap-in soft discriminator roller every few hundred thousand items scanned. In other words, the bank is usually ready to upgrade its hardware and software well before the scanner wears out on its own. We still quite frequently hear of customers still using scanners that have been out of production for a decade or more, such as the TellerScan TS215, TS4120, or the SmartSource Edge.

We also offer a number of enhanced warranty and replacement programs that allow next-day delivery of a replacement for any scanner that’s giving you trouble, ensuring that even when your device goes down, you don’t have any downtime. And with our extensive network of domestic and international distributors who are factory-trained in repairs and service, you’re never far from getting the help you need. That’s just one more reason why Digital Check is the Secure Choice in check image capture.