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ScanBox by Digital CheckTM Wins Innovation Award at Paris Banking Show

New Device Incorporates Scanning Capability Into Self-Serve Banking Stations, Kiosks

NORTHBROOK, IL, October 5, 2016 – Digital Check and Tessi introduced the new ScanBox by Digital Check self-service platform at last week’s Paris Banque & Innovation Show – at which it was named the winner of the Grand Prix Banque & Innovation Award. The new product, which was making its debut in the French market, incorporates Digital Check scanning and network technology into a compact check deposit kiosk for bank branches, retail and corporate environments. It was introduced at the event in collaboration with Tessi – a leading provider of banking systems and services throughout Europe, and Digital Check’s document automation partner for France.

Self-serve kiosk check scanner - ScanBox by Digital CheckThe self-contained ScanBox device operates independently of any tethered PC, accepting commands from a built-in touchscreen and communicating with other banking systems over a wired, wireless, or even a 3G/4G mobile network. It also pairs with Tessi SCANTOPAY mobile remote deposit capture application to allow smartphone- or tablet-initiated deposits and real-time tracking on mobile devices.

“As automation and self-service have gained importance in the banking industry, we have discovered an unmet demand for a compact inexpensive, standalone image capture solution that offers flexible configuration,” says Alex Trombetta, Digital Check’s vice president of international sales. “By using Digital Check technology and a flexible means of integration, we’ve been able to satisfy the need for cost-effectiveness, ease of installation and versatility. We believe that ScanBox will open up a variety of new applications, including mobile remote deposit capture in emerging markets, which up to now has been held back by legitimate fraud concerns.”

Eric Jamet, Marketing Director for Tessi documents services, believes the ScanBox will play an integral part in branch modernization efforts in France and throughout Europe.

“Fully automating the in-branch deposit process not only reduces cheque processing expenses for the financial institution; it is another step toward full digitalization in branch renovation and branch of the future concepts. As a fully autonomous, connected-generation cheque deposit option, the ScanBox will provide a simple and inexpensive way of reconciling the oldest payment method with the modern digital age.”

In addition to the banking market, ScanBox also targets a broad range of applications such as walk-up billpay in utility and government sectors. It is currently in limited release in France and Western Europe, with North American and global introductions to follow at a later date.

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