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Digital Check Announces Enterprise Scalability Program

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 14, 2007Digital Check Corp., a leading provider of electronic check scanners for the distributed check capture industry, announced a new Enterprise Scalability program which guarantees customers that their investment in Digital Check scanners will be protected even as their check scanning needs change over time.  Digital Check’s Enterprise Scalability program gives customers the option to scale their check scanning devices up or down as their needs or volume changes.
“This program offers our customers the highest levels of service and flexibility when selecting a check scanner,” said Jeff Hempker, national sales manager.  “This commitment includes giving our customers purchase protection even if they decide to downsize their scanner in the future.”

“In today’s rapidly expanding distributed capture market, it is apparent that a single scalable hardware configuration capable of addressing all distributed capture applications is no longer feasible,” said Bruce Rennecker, vice president of product management and marketing. “Despite being attractive from a manufacturing perspective, one scanner size definitely does not fit all of today’s array of remote capture end users.”  

With Enterprise Scalability, Digital Check customers are protected from future changes in check scanner technology and benefit from a scanner exchange program that allows them to deploy the optimal scanner for their needs now. Customers who purchase an enterprise scalability upgrade from Digital Check are also insulated from complicated and time-consuming software upgrades.  Under the program, upgrade replacement units are expedited directly to the customer for easy plug-and-play installation.

“We believe this upgrade program offers tremendous benefits to all members of the distributed check capture supply chain – our customers, our software partners as well as our own organization,” said John Gainer, executive vice president of Digital Check. “This program enables our engineering team to focus on developing new products to meet the unique needs of each market segment without the design burden of a lowest common denominator, while freeing customers and our software partners from concerns with technology obsolescence.”


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