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Remote Deposit Capture FAQs

Who can use remote deposit?

Remote deposit it is available, in one form or another, to virtually any business or consumer in the United States. Still, according to a recent study by the Aite Group, less than 5% of small businesses are currently conducting their banking with remote deposit capture To figure out whether remote deposit capture makes sense for you, try the following helpful guides:

Types of Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit time/cost savings calculator at

Where do I sign up for remote deposit?

The best place to start is usually your bank. Virtually every large and mid-sized bank today offers its own version, as do many community banks and credit unions. A few companies also offer remote deposit services that are bank-independent, meaning they will work regardless of which bank you use. (Digital Check does not currently offer its own remote deposit service).

Before you sign up, it’s always a good idea to ask your bank which check scanners are compatible with their software. Digital Check products are supported by most banks; however, some require certain models, or specific features such as inkjet endorsing. Don’t be sorry — find out first!

How much does it cost?

The cost can vary quite a bit. Some banks charge a flat monthly fee. Some charge a set amount per check that you deposit. Some even offer it for free! Check with your bank to see what prices and programs they offer.



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