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Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) was created with the advent of the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, or Check 21 Act, enacted by the United States Congress in 2003. This process allows businesses, and now consumers, to scan in check deposits using a specialized check scanner, a flatbed scanner, or even by using the camera on a smartphone to create an image that replaces the paper as the negotiable instrument.

Nearly ten years later it is hard to imagine life without RDC. No longer do businesses have to go to the branch to deposit checks, and for consumers, no longer do they have to fill out deposit slips or envelops at the ATM. In fact, ten years ago it would have been nearly inconceivable that we would be using our phones to take pictures of checks in order to make deposits.

Even though RDC has been around for some time, many are still not familiar with how it works and from where it has come.  Our Business Resources Center has answers to all of these questions.  Learn about the history of RDC, what Check 21 is and why it was passed, how to choose the right check scanner, the various ways that businesses and consumers can deposit checks electronically, and who is eligible to use RDC. We hope you are edified and educated.

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