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Digital Check Names Ninad Chavan Regional Director, APAC Region

Northbrook, IL, February 15, 2022 – Digital Check Corp today announced Ninad Chavan as its Regional Director for the Asia-Pacific region. The new role promotes Chavan from his former role as Group Country Manager, Indian Subcontinent, and combines the company’s previous India and APAC regions under a unified title.

In the new position, Chavan oversees all Digital Check business in the region, including more than 30 authorized distributors and hundreds of banks serving a population of nearly 4.5 billion people. He also assumes responsibility for promotion and distribution of digital microfilm readers and conversion scanners on behalf of nextScan, Digital Check’s brand in the production microfilm scanning business.

Alex Trombetta, Digital Check’s Vice President, International Sales Operations, expressed confidence that the transition will help the company maintain its position of strength as a leading supplier of banking equipment and solutions in the region.

“Digital Check Corp has expanded into a position of strength in the international market, and Ninad has played a pivotal role in this success with his development and execution of innovative business strategies,” Trombetta said. “He has been instrumental in the deployment and growth of key product lines over the past several years, and showcased his resourcefulness and ability to manage risks especially well during the uncertain pandemic times over the past two years. Our presence in the Asia-Pacific region is strong, and we look forward to accelerating our expansion further under Ninad’s leadership.”

Trombetta singled out Chavan’s work in bringing automated payment kiosks to market as an especially impactful means of facilitating easier banking access to the population during the difficult environment of the pandemic. Ninad’s extensive global experience and hands-on understanding of several International markets should translate well to other opportunities such as the upcoming introduction of check truncation in Japan, UV scanning rollouts across the Philippines and southeast Asia, and the growing presence of electronic clearing in Australia and New Zealand.

Says Chavan: “The entire banking and payments industry in the APAC region is looking for more effective and efficient payment solutions, and Digital Check has the products and the experience to provide them. Our company already has a strong presence in more than 20 countries across the APAC region, along with the innovative, secure, and scalable solutions to back it up. I am looking forward to adding value to our customers across the entire area – and I am excited for the new challenge!”

Chavan, who joined Digital Check in 2015, has held key positions for companies including Barclays Bank, TransUnion, and Experian in the past; and possesses rich and varied experience across strategy, product, portfolio and business development. He holds an MBA degree from the premier JBIMS institute, Mumbai ,and has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technology from SPCE, Mumbai.

About Digital Check
Digital Check is the leading worldwide provider of check scanners and peripherals for the banking industry. Our TellerScan®, CheXpress®, and SmartSource® lines of scanners provide the industry’s most reliable performance with superior MICR and image quality. Digital Check’s software delivers image enhancement and deposit-processing technologies that help clients reduce costs and improve efficiency. Learn more at

About nextScan
Originally incorporated in 2002 and acquired by Digital Check Corp. in 2015, nextScan gives the microfilm and microfiche conversion market a high-performance alternative to older technologies. nextScan’s innovative patented products are designed and built with simplicity and functionality to increase user production and lower overall costs for scanning film and fiche. nextScan products are designed with cutting-edge components: the latest in camera; lighting; image correction; scanning speed; and nextScan’s pioneering “Ribbon” scanning software, NextStar PLUS. nextScan products provide a full conversion solution that far exceeds the speed, functionality and return on investment of other scanners in the market. Learn more at


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