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macOS 13 ‘Ventura’ support – Q&A

Today Digital Check announced native support for certain scanners in the macOS 13 “Ventura” operating system (read the full announcement here).

Below are answers to certain questions you may have about the rollout, installation, and future plans for macOS support!


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Q. I want to install a scanner on a macOS 13 system. How do I do it?
A. First, your bank’s RDC application needs to support Digital Check API (DCC API) version Once they are on the most current API version, they will most likely just have you install (or re-install) the deposit software, which will include the necessary files. If they don’t have the latest API version yet, then your scanner will not have native macOS 13 support. It may be a few months from the announcement date before they are ready, since most banks tend to update software on a regular schedule – so be patient!

Q. Which scanner models are supported?
A. This update currently includes only the CheXpress CX30 and TellerScan TS240, which use the DCC API. SmartSource models are not included.

Q. Are the Mac drivers available for download on your website?
A. No, our software uses a native driver that comes with macOS, so no additional driver is needed. All that is needed is the DCC API version with Mac support, which will come from your bank.

Q. Will you support macOS 14 “Sonoma” that was released in September 2023?
A. We do plan to support all future macOS releases, and API/driver updates for macOS 14 are currently in development.

Q. Are there other options for connecting one of your scanners to a Mac if my bank has not made / does not plan to make this update?
A. If supported, we recommend using a network-based scanner such as the SmartSource Expert Elite or SmartSource Expert Micro Elite. These devices use browser-based commands and work with many operating systems. Please discuss with your bank or your RDC application provider to understand the Digital Check Mac-compatible solutions that they support.


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