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SmartSource Adaptive - full-page check scanner


A multi-feed scanner that captures mixed batches of checks and full-page documents together!

Perfect for clients that have invoices, remittances, or other documents that need to be captured and sorted along with payments.

Quantum DS reader sorter

Quantum DS

A high-speed tabletop check transport purpose-built as a replacement for full-sized reader/sorter machines.

The Quantum DS has 12 sorting pockets with a capacity of 300 items each, boasts a top speed of 200 DPM. and remains in active production, sharing many components in common with other SmartSource devices..

SmartSource Professional 200 DPM scanner

SmartSource® Professional

A capable replacement for bulkier back-counter sorting devices. Two-pocket scanner and sorting capability. With a top speed of 200 documents per minute, the SmartSource Professional is the ideal check scanner for high-volume teller capture.

white check jogger front view, empty.


Give yourself an assist when processing large batches of checks.

The SmartJogger uses timed vibration to make sure the bottom edge of a stack of documents lays flat, preventing misfeeds and image skew.

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