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Multi-Feed Scanners

Pro Elite

A multi-feed scanner for the teller window that delivers scan speeds of
75 DPM or 170 DPM.

The Pro Elite includes a 4-line endorser, as well as advanced features like automated cleaning mode and front-feed ID capture in 600 dpi full color.

Expert Elite

An Ethernet-enabled scanner that delivers scan speeds of 75 DPM or
150 DPM, and all the same great features as the Pro Elite. Compatible with nearly any operating system, and onboard processing power handles key image processing functions to eliminate network bottlenecks.


One of the only two-pocket check scanners on the market, the Professional has a top rated speed of 200 documents per minute. Its programmable sorting function allows you to separate different items according to predetermined rules that best suit your requirements.

Single-Feed Scanners

Micro Elite

A compact, affordable single-feed scanner with ID capture, measuring just 7 inches by 4 inches. Well-suited for applications such as account opening or loan origination where a multi-feed device is not required.

Stackable Printers + Accessories

ReceiptNOW® Elite

A thermal receipt printer that fits underneath your Elite series scanner, saving valuable counter space. Available in USB-connected or network-ready version with dual Ethernet ports.

ReceiptNOW® Original

Our original thermal printer that fits underneath SmartSource Professional or TellerScan TS240 models (with included adapter). Available in USB-connected model only.

SecureLink® Appliance

This hockey-puck sized device adds network connectivity to your TellerScan or CheXpress family scanner. One end attached by USB to the scanner; the other goes out to your Ethernet connection. Works both with new scanners and with existing devices already deployed!

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