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Digital Check Continues Expansion Into International Remote Deposit Capture

NORTHBROOK, IL, Dec. 2, 2009 – Digital Check (, a provider of desktop cheque scanners and remote deposit capture technology to the financial industry, announced that its cheque scanners have been deployed in more than 100 countries, spanning across six continents.
As the technology behind cheque scanners advances and cheque truncation legislation is implemented, many countries across the globe are increasingly adopting RDC technology in order to make business processes more efficient, and achieve the same time- and cost-savings U.S. financial institutions and their clients’ experience. Digital Check most recently established a presence in Brazil, the country with the highest volume of cheque use in Latin America. Brazil will soon be enacting legislation supporting cheque imaging, remote deposit capture and electronic cheque truncation.

Digital Check operates through a network of partners in virtually all geographic areas where cheques are used, with most recent deployments including:

  • Americas: Canada; Mexico; Argentina; Brazil; Costa Rica; Dominican Republic; and Venezuela
  • Africa: Ghana; Libya; Malawi; Morocco; Mozambique; Nigeria; and Tanzania
  • Asia: Bangladesh; Hong Kong; India; Malaysia; Sri Lanka; Singapore; Taiwan; and Thailand
  • Middle East: Israel; Jordan; Lebanon; Pakistan; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; and Turkey

“With more than 15 years of experience with electronic cheque truncation in international markets, Digital Check has seen a significant increase in the use of cheque truncation in areas outside of the United States,” said Alex Trombetta, managing director for international markets for Digital Check. “As this trend grows, with countries such as Brazil legislating cheque truncation, Digital Check will continue to invest in international markets, increasing our footprint by strengthening partner relationships and adding resellers in these countries.”


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