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Exit Pocket (check scanner)

Check scanner exit pockets
At top, this SmartSource Expert model has two exit pockets with metal brackets on the left-hand side of the device. At bottom, the Quantum DS high-speed sorter has 12 exit pockets with a capacity of 300 items each. Since more checks can be inserted into the feeder while it is running, this allows the device to capture more than 3,000 items without being emptied.


Exit pockets are the collecting slots or trays that “catch” checks as they leave the feed path after scanning.The most common setup for check scanners is to have a single exit pocket that collects all scanned checks.

Some single-feed scanners have no exit pocket, as they only scan one item at a time, fed by hand. These scanners may eject the document back out the way it came, and wait for the operator to remove it (feed-and-return), or let it fall out the back or bottom of the device (straight-through or pass-through feeding).

Certain scanners, like those pictured at right, are designed with multiple exit pockets, often to allow the option of sorting items based on the information picked up during the scan. Some examples might be separating checks from deposit slips; separating exception items from checks that scanned without problems; or separating checks based on the originating bank.

If not used for separating different kinds of items, the multiple pockets can simply be used without sorting to provide a greater capacity before the device has to be emptied – this practice is known as “waterfall sorting.”


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