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The Disappearing Check — Part 2: Assessing the Decline and Part 3: Predicting the Endgame

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Our first white paper on the future of checks, The Disappearing Check: How Much Longer Until the End?, examined the decline of the paper check over the past decade and likely outcomes for it as a payment method in the years to come. We concluded that, although checks will continue to decline in numbers, their drop-off will begin to slow slightly as the “Great Disruptors” reach maturity and we are left with harder use cases to displace.

In our follow-up white paper, The Disappearing Check Part 2: Assessing the Decline, we take a look at recent statistics, including NACHA’s latest ACH report, and compare them with current and historical trends to see if we can confirm or disprove the first paper’s hypothesis.

Also included in this download is The Disappearing Check Part 3: Predicting the Endgame, in which we try to assess whether the banking industry or regulators will eventually try to phase out the check officially, and examine the situation in other check-writing countries to determine when that might occur.



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The Disappearing Check –
Part 2: Assessing the Decline
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