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Digital Check Introduces Clear Inline Image Enhancement Software for ATMs and Self-Service Kiosks

Digital Check's Clear Inline Image Enhancement SoftwareNORTHBROOK, IL, February 22, 2016 – Clear Inline is Digital Check’s ( latest addition to its innovative suite of bank imaging software – cleaning up problem documents in ATMs, dedicated-purpose kiosks, and other banking self-service stations. Developed from the popular Clear by Digital Check® image-enhancement system, Clear Inline automatically recognizes difficult-to-scan checks and money orders as they are inserted by the customer, and re-renders them into legible images while the transaction is still in progress.

While previous versions of Clear allowed back-office operators at the bank to manually enhance scanned check images with a click-and-drag interface, Clear Inline’s hands-free process works instantly and automatically. This is critical for self-service environments such as ATMs, which typically flag unreadable documents and prompt customers to manually key in dollar amounts – leading to mistakes, costly physical inspection processes, and second-day balance adjustments.

“Automating Clear’s image enhancement was a proactive step,” says Tom Jordan, Digital Check’s vice president of software solutions, “because of the added importance banks are placing on ATMs and kiosks in their future plans.”

“When our clients talk about the Branch of the Future, we hear about three things: Automation, self-service, and touchscreens. It’s all about the customer being able to complete the transaction quickly and without manual intervention or delays. Clear Inline aspires to be a product that lets them always get the transaction right the first time,” added Jordan.

Launched in 2015, Clear uses Digital Check’s patent-pending technology to apply different contrast and light settings to different parts of the same image, greatly reducing errors from faint printing, background interference, security features, and other common issues with scanned checks and money orders. The current version of Clear Inline is available immediately to banks and credit unions in the United States.

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Digital Check provides superior check scanners and document capture products for teller capture, branch automation, remote deposit capture, and remote lockbox applications. Digital Check’s award-winning TellerScan®, CheXpress®, BranchXpress®, and SB™ electronic scanners are among the most cost-effective and reliable in the industry, and provide high-quality images with precise MICR accuracy.


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