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The Benefits of Digital Check’s Special Documents Handling: Customized Teller Alerts

Bank teller check capture continues to grow at a phenomenal pace. What once was a manual process alerttaking a significant amount of time and attention is becoming automated to the point that a customer’s deposit can take just a few minutes. Another benefit to teller check capture is the fact that many items that would have taken days to flag as bad or suspect can now be caught while the customer is still at the window.

Digital Check’s Special Document Handling (SDH) adds a layer of assistance and security to the deposit process. SDH allows a bank to flag certain account numbers to trigger alerts when checks from those accounts are scanned. Whether it is a customer that chronically overdraws his account or one with a hold on her account, these items can be added to the SDH file to trigger an alert to the teller.

Triggers can also be set in the SDH file for check number ranges. For example, if a check number is below a certain range, the teller is alerted to take additional action. Triggers can also be set for cashier’s checks and money orders to alert the teller to look for indicators of document authenticity, especially in cash back situations.

Digital Check’s SDH is not only useful for improving image quality; it can also be used to reduce the occurrence of suspect items being accepted. For more information about Digital Check’s Special Document Handling or Digital Check scanners, please contact us at 847-446-2285, orusing our email contact form.


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