Digital Check scanners and teller equipment

Please Help Us Get Better!

This survey is designed to rate your satisfaction with Digital Check’s factory service center. Your feedback will help us improve the way we do business — we’d be very grateful to hear what you think.
All feedback is read by a REAL person and shared with the individual employees and/or managers of the appropriate department.

Customer satisfaction meter

Customer Feedback – Service example
Did the quality of the service/repairs meet your expectations?
Did you receive your device back in clean (like new) condition?
(1 = not satisfied; 10 = very satisfied)
How satisfied were you with the TOTAL time it took to complete the service request (working product back in your hands)?
(1 = not satisfied; 10 = very satisfied)
Did the representative clearly indicate the status and next steps of your repair request?
(1 = not satisfied; 10 = very satisfied)
Based on your interaction with the customer service representative for this transaction, would you like to work with that same representative in the future?
How reasonable was the COST of the repairs if not covered by warranty?
(1 = very high; 10 = very reasonable)