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CTS-2010 compliant scanners for cheque truncation with UV recognition capability

Digital Check offers a variety of scanners that meet the specifications for India’s CTS-2010 cheque truncation system. Our cheque scanners are available through our partners Forbes Technosys Ltd., Qtel Comtech Limited, and in Sri Lanka through MC Computer Systems Limited. All cheque scanners have been tested for compatibility in India through the Digital Check API, and several thousand are currently deployed in the field.

Our partners in India are factory-trained service providers, so you can get local service for your cheque scanners; there is no need to send them out of the country for repairs. If there is a problem that cannot be addressed locally, replacement scanners usually take a week or less to arrive.

The TellerScan TS240-UV contains additional image sensors to read the ultraviolet logos that are required in India’s cheque truncation process. UV security features such as logos and backgrounds are used to help authenticate cheques, as well as making it difficult to alter or manipulate sensitive information. Digital Check’s scanners use increased processing power and memory to retain the same high speeds whether scanning in UV or regular optical light. Our cheque scanners are capable of reading up to 100 documents per minute with UV enabled.

To learn more about how Digital Check is leading the way in ultraviolet imaging, download our white paper on the state of global UV cheque scanning technology.



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