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The Disappearing Check – How Much Longer Until the End?

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“Checks are going away.”

It’s an oft-repeated catchphrase in the payments business — but how much do you really know about how quickly the change is happening, or why? While it’s indisputable that checks are experiencing a steady year-over-year decline in the United States, the common knowledge about their future is cloudy and full of hype. Ask someone in the electronic payments where checks will be in 5-10 years, and they’ll be eager to dig them an early grave; ask someone who’s involved with checks for a living, and you’ll get the opposite answer.

In this white paper, we attempt to cut through all the cheerleading and assemble a likely prediction of the check’s future based solely on logic and mathematics. Read on — for a company involved in the day-to-day business of check processing, our projections are not as rosy as you might think!

Along the way, we attempt to address some of the more common preconceptions about checks, including:

  • Whether check usage is actually declining at an “accelerating” rate;
  • Which types of payments are replacing the check (it’s not credit cards);
  • Whether the customer’s age is the primary indicator of how long checks will remain in use;
  • Why some people continue to use checks, even when alternatives are widely available.

It’s time for an honest discussion about the future of the check in American payments, and we hope you’ll find this paper a good place to start. Click the link at right for your free download.



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The Disappearing Check –
How Much Longer Until the End?
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