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Digital Check Announces New High Volume, High Speed Back Counter Check Scanner – BranchXpress BX7200

BAI Retail Delivery Conference, Chicago, IL, October 11, 2011Digital Check Corp (, a worldwide provider of check scanners to the financial industry for the teller, branch and remote deposit capture markets, announced the release of a new check scanner for the important branch back counter and high volume remote deposit capture check scanning environment today at BAI’s Retail Delivery Conference.
The BranchXpress BX7200, built with the quality of Digital Check’s TellerScan and CheXpress lines of scanners, is scans batches of up to 300 items per batch at up to 200 documents per minute.  This robust scanner features 300 dpi scan heads, a 300 item feed pocket and two 300 item output pockets, MICR based sorting at 200 dpm, ultrasonic double feed detection, two vertically selectable inkjet endorsement positions, and built in diagnostics.  The scanner requires no assembly out of the box and requires no tools for routine maintenance.  The scanner also features a two line onboard LCD display that provides scanner status and controls to scan right from the scanner.  For higher, uninterrupted throughput, the scanner seamlessly flows from one output pocket to the next when the full pocket sensor is triggered.
At launch, Digital Check will provide software to allow quick integration and a backward compatible emulation mode for software providers, banks, and companies who have already integrated to Digital Check’s TS4120.
“We are thrilled to provide another option for the important branch back counter market.  We believe that with the limited options available in high speed, high capacity scanners the BX7200 is the perfect fit for banks, credit unions, and other businesses with high volumes of checks in a remote deposit capture environment,” said John Gainer, executive vice president at Digital Check.
For more information about Digital Check scanners, visit or call (847) 446-2285.


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