Digital Check scanners and teller equipment

The Top 10 Reasons to Choose Digital Check

Highest Installed Scanner Base in the World – More Than 1 Million

1 million scanners installedBigger isn’t always better, but selling the most in the business usually means you’re doing something right. That’s why we take pride in the fact that Digital Check has more checks scanners deployed worldwide than anyone else – more than 1 million in total!

We didn’t get there just by having a good sales pitch, though. Here are a few ways that Digital Check scanners became the #1 selling brand in the industry:

  • First scanner designed specifically for RDC: Affordable single-feed check scanners are commonplace nowadays, but way back in 2008, your choices were either to buy a high-speed scanner designed for the teller window, or to buy a single-feed scanner that cost $600 or more – almost the same as the high-speed models. At the time, the cost of the scanner was a major barrier to entry for small businesses, and a big reason holding back remote deposit capture from mainstream adoption. We introduced the CheXpress CX30 not long after with an MSRP in the $300 range, and it quickly became our best-selling model, a place it still occupies today.
  • Extra Long Life: It says a lot that our two most popular scanners of all time, the CheXpress CX30 and TellerScan TS240, are still in production more than 10 years after they first hit the market. It’s not that we haven’t come out with any new models since then – but as long as people are demanding the old models, we’ll keep making them. One reason they’ve managed to stay competitive for so long is:
  • Our own in-house design and engineering: The CX30 or TS240 you bought in 2008 is not the same as the one you’d buy today. We’re constantly making improvements to all of our products – whether it’s for speed, durability, or simply modernizing the electronics to keep up with the times. Of course, we’ve made compatibility a priority, so you don’t have to worry about our ongoing improvement process making you buy new equipment.
  • Repeat Customers: We wouldn’t be able to keep selling scanners if people didn’t like them – and most people do. On average, banks and credit unions overhaul their systems (and hardware) every 6-7 years, and the great majority of our customers decide to keep using Digital Check scanners when it’s time to update. Part of that is having some of the lowest failure rates and total cost of ownership in the business.