Although check cashing stores formerly were relegated to large urban areas where many people couldn’t afford or justify a bank account, there is now a proliferation of these stores beyond the urban areas into suburban communities. These stores are a convenience to cash payroll and other checks, to purchase money orders, to pay utility bills, as well as the many other services offered. Teller Window

According to a 2013 FDIC survey, 7.7% of American households are unbanked – that is, those without an account at a bank. Oftentimes, households are forced to give up their bank account due to a change in work status or income.

While others may find themselves in situations which, for various reasons, they are unable to open a bank account. For various reasons, many American households require alternatives to banks for financial transactions, including, check cashing, short term loans, money orders, bill payment, and even to purchase city vehicle stickers.

With the variety of transactions in mind, these check cashing stores require scanners to process checks and scan documents related to bill payments. Scanned items vary from a personal check (2 ¾” x 6”) to legal documents (8 ½” x 14”) and everything in between. Although traditional check scanners are great to process checks, they cannot be used for larger documents. A larger format scanner that can capture MICR characters from check or payment stubs is often an additional requirement.

Digital Check® provides devices for both of these needs.

  • CheXpress® CX30 has been recognized as a leading single-feed check scanner for low volume deposits. Built to be bank-quality at a small business price, it is the ideal scanner for check deposit environments.
  • The SB650M™ is the ideal scanner for both checks and larger format documents. With its built-in magnetic MICR read head, it can capture those MICR code lines with the highest accuracy, but also has the capability to scan items up to legal sized documents.

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