A Standalone Solution
for Check Deposits

XpressScan is the “lite” deposit app
you’ve been waiting for!

What is XpressScan
by Digital CheckTM?

XpressScan is check capture made easy! By popular demand, we’ve developed a streamlined, end-to-end check deposit solution designed especially for shared control in multiple-user situations. It’s ideal for delivery drivers and field technicians, stores with multiple cashiers, or any other business that might have several employees turning in deposits at the end of a shift.

The XpressScan platform is designed for easy tie-in with smart safes and cash recyclers. Your existing system can keep handling both cash and checks – but now the checks will be deposited electronically!

Learn More! – XpressScan Product Overview PDF

Shared Hardware with Account Control

XpressScan was made for businesses that need to keep track of multiple deposits by multiple employees. Each employee uses his or her own login, and there are role-based rules for frontline operators, supervisors, and administrators. It’s simple to match every deposit and every item to a particular employee and a specific time.

Our software will also engage with your existing applications for smart safes and cash recyclers, so mixed deposits of cash and checks can be tracked together throughout your entire back-end process.

Handles the Whole Deposit Process!

We don’t just take pictures of your checks — XpressScan takes care of the whole deposit process. That means converting them into legally compliant images, doing image quality analysis and cleanup, creating a bank-specific X9.37 file, and securely transmitting it to your financial institution. It’s a simple but effective “deposit lite” program that gets the processing out of the way, so you can focus on the day-to-day.

XpressScan contains all the standard safeguards and quality-of-life tools you’d expect in a check deposit application, including: Image Quality Analysis (IQA), duplicate detection, MICR verification and editing, and image disposition. A final balancing summary with each deposit checks for mistakes and prompts the operator to make any necessary corrections.

Flexible Setup

Not sure whether your environment is right for XpressScan by Digital Check? We already thought of that!

The front-end capture process is self-contained – with an app embedded on the tablet controlling the scanner, or even onboard the scanner itself (with SmartSource Expert series models). The processing and deposit creation happen on our secure cloud transaction server.

Deposit records can be shared with your smart safe or cash recycler apps so you can keep your records in order, all in one place.

Proven Hardware Solutions

Best of all, XpressScan makes use of trusted, proven “off the shelf” parts to make the system as easy as possible to set up and use.

The capture device is either our award-winning CheXpress CX30 – the best-selling desktop check scanner in the world – or one of our SmartSource Expert series network-enabled scanners. The scanner can be controlled either from your own workstation, or from an attached Android tablet, such as the Kindle Fire. Digital Check has been the leading manufacturer of check capture hardware for more than 20 years, and we’ve been in the business of optics and images since the 1950s. That experience means you’ll get the most reliable, fully-featured capture device that money can buy.