Digital Check recently announced the international launch of the TellerScan® TS240/TTP (teller transaction printer), an integrated unit that incorporates check scanning and thermal transaction printing into one device to simplify and streamline teller operations and offer unique customer receipt printing including check images, at CeBIT, the largest international technology event in the world.

imgDigital Check was the first to recognize the need in the market for enhanced scanning, printing, and space savings. The device combines Digital Check’s reliable, 5th generation TS240 batch-fed scanner, which scans at 50, 75 or 100 documents per minute, with CognitiveTPG’s fast and reliable A799 thermal printer. Digital Check has deployed over a quarter of a million scanners worldwide and CognitiveTPG has over a million installations of its receipt and label printers worldwide.

imgThe benefit of the TS240/TTP is that it saves up to 50% of valuable teller counter space by combining scanner and receipt printer units, each of which previously required its own space, into one footprint about equivalent to the scanner. The TS240/TTP will also allow financial institutions to check images from the customers deposit, consolidate multiple customer transactions into on receipt, print bank branding and even variable marketing promotional and loyalty messages on each receipt independent of the teller application. In addition to enhancing the customer experience with printed images of their deposited items, a key marketing advantage is the ability with TS240/TTP to print variable, targeted marketing messages, similar to the types of transaction receipts customers are receiving from image ATMs.

“The TS240/TTP has seen tremendous acceptance in our U.S. market and we expect it to be a hit internationally as well. As banks look for greater efficiencies in the branch, this product is the perfect solution to achieve that at the teller window,” said Alex Trombetta, managing director of Digital Check’s international sales division. Kyle Turner, General Manager for CognitiveTPG added, “Thermal printing has proven to be both cost-effective and adaptable to be able to print the types of information in the format required by the financial institution. Combining these two devices together is a winning combination and already successful in the U.S. We look forward to similar success internationally.”

The TS240/TTP is available through Digital Check’s network of solution partners. For more information, visit our website and fill out our web contact form.